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Note for Diwali 2021 – Climate Change impacts and after effects

I would like to start by wishing everyone a happy Diwali. This Festival of Light symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. And this is the core thought area for my blog today. Where I would relate the significance of Diwali for fighting Climate Change.

One of the significant events happening alongside Diwali is COP26. This is by far one of the most ambitious and needful events of this era. Where world leaders have come together to discuss the right decisions to be taken on climate change. All global leaders have represented and submitted their approach and policies to reduce the carbon emissions of their respective countries. And as of today, i.e., the 3rd of October 2021, more than 190 countries have pledged towards this greater cause.

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Leaders like Narendra Modi, Joe Biden, Xi Jin Ping, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Prince of Wales, Bill Gates, and all other big leaders, presidents, and prime ministers of the countries have come at once place to share their serious devotion for combatting this threat to humanity, which none other than the climate change.

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