Note for Diwali 2021 – Climate Change impacts and after effects

I would like to start by wishing everyone a happy Diwali. This Festival of Light symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. And this is the core thought area for my blog today. Where I would relate the significance of Diwali for fighting Climate Change.

One of the significant events happening alongside Diwali is COP26. This is by far one of the most ambitious and needful events of this era. Where world leaders have come together to discuss the right decisions to be taken on climate change. All global leaders have represented and submitted their approach and policies to reduce the carbon emissions of their respective countries. And as of today, i.e., the 3rd of October 2021, more than 190 countries have pledged towards this greater cause.

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Leaders like Narendra Modi, Joe Biden, Xi Jin Ping, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Prince of Wales, Bill Gates, and all other big leaders, presidents, and prime ministers of the countries have come at once place to share their serious devotion for combatting this threat to humanity, which none other than the climate change.

Diwali meets COP26 (The Climate Change Conference of Parties 26)

This is the first time in the history of humankind that almost all the leaders have come to a consensus to agree on a common goal of ending the reliance on coal, limiting methane emissions, ending deforestation, and financing the adaption and mitigation of climate action plans. All of that is to make sure that the world reaches net-zero carbon dioxide emissions as soon as possible.

Infographic: The Road to Net Zero | Statista

India being the 3rd largest emitter of Carbon Dioxide has committed to reaching carbon Neutrality by 2070. That is 50 years from now. Then, China being is the largest emitter of carbon dioxide has committed to 2060, i.e., 40 years from now. And the second-largest emitter USA has put across a very ambitious plan for 2050, i.e., 30 years from now.

These 30-40-50 years may seem very long to hear, but trust me these years will be a testing time. Every second that we waste will result in a heartbreaking catastrophe. And just donโ€™t assume that these commitments are mere discussions happening at a conference and people will forget with time. COP26 acts as a binding agreement which is will be regulated by UNFCCC. Nevertheless, if the actions are not taken seriously, the climate will remind us not so long from now.

Diwali <> Climate Change

Diwali has always been festive that makes people understand that light wins over dark, good always wins over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. I would like to break these 3 key takeaways of Diwali to better understand what we could learn from this.

Infographic: The Most Polluted Cities On Earth | Statista

But before that, let’s go through these top trending pointers on Diwali this year:

  • Air pollution is the 3rd biggest killer in India.
  • The life expectancy has reduced by 2.5 years in less than a half-decade because of climate change.
  • According to Greenpeace, around 57,000 people died prematurely in Delhi in 2020 as a result of air pollution exposure. And that is despite this COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Out of the 30 most polluted cities in the world, 20 cities are from India.

If I keep on spilling such numbers and stats, you will be thrilled to realize how adverse things are.

These dangerously high levels of air pollutants arenโ€™t just hard to breathe but stay in our environment for days and months. And they directly impact our climate because substances like PM10 particles, Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Iron, Copper, Ozone, and many other hazardous and toxic gases are mixed with air, and then we are forced to breathe them.

Secondly, the remains of the crackers of Diwali are non-biodegradable, and they aren’t simple to dispose of, so gradually with time they turn toxic and add more disturbance to the environment.

Diwali signifies light over dark, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance

I would like to ask the right questions so that we lead our lives, our world, and our very own existence in the most justified way.

The Climate demands us to be conscious, to act, and behave in a way that can make this world a place to live and breathe properly – for our future generations. And we have this responsibility that we need to take care of. As what we do today undermines what will happen to them later. If we wonโ€™t act wisely then they will not forgive us.

Our world is getting hotter day by day, and we need to save this planet. We need to use our knowledge and have to stop ignoring the fact that we are harming the very own existence of planet earth. We need to enlighten the light of love, affection, belongings, and longevity above the darkness of selflessly thinking about our fun, pleasure, and amusement.

After Diwali Pollution Increases and effects Climate Change - Reuters

Furthermore, we need to act good and have to sabotage the evil inside us by giving back to this world the greatness of everything that it deserves. Our children and grandchildren should have all the right to have a good and healthy life in the future, and we shouldnโ€™t be accounted for its destruction.

I understand that suppressing the desire of the fun and acts that have inhabitant within us are difficult. But, the wise would learn to accept wisdom from anybody and at any given point. Always remember the small night lamp light up the place which the sun is unable to light up. So every small contribution to fight this is valuable.

Rational Disclaimer

Think about it, light over dark, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Our world is on a brink of a climate catastrophe, and every day people are dying because of it. My intentions are not to hurt the sentiments or to show my disbelief in the religious significance of this festival. I am a firm believer in God. And I truly believe in the culture and the epic of Diwali.

There will be people with their opinions that why to target a festival or its methods and why not to educate people who are driving carbon intensive vehicles or industries which produce heavy carbon. But there is no right or wrong answer to it because the ask is not for a group of people, the ask is from humanity and each one of us. We have to start thinking and contributing in whatsoever way we can. Because our demand for someone else to do it first would lead all of us to the greater dark. Diwali doesnโ€™t symbolize that.

Closing Note – Climate Change & Diwali

From the core of my heart, and with due respect If you read my blogs, I always have the intention to bring the right mindset for fighting against the odds of climate. This subject is among a comprehensive list of items that I have on my independent view to-do.

But whatsoever you do this Diwali, just remember that it is a festival that symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. And every action that we make this Diwali and the Diwali’s to come, we all should resemble the same.


Information provided in the podcast is a general guide from a personal perspective and does not constitute legal or authoritative advice. The statistics and regulations referred to in the podcast are sourced from the public information bureau and are subject to change with time. It is the viewer’s responsibility to verify the currency of information.

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