Talk with Modester Lynn – How Climate Change is Impacting Kenya?

Climate risks pose serious threats to Kenyaโ€™s sustainable development goals. India and Kenya share a lot of similar concerns, in this talk of Conscious Citizens, Abhilash will discuss with Lynn the different aspects of climate issues concerning Kenya.

We have our guest Modester Lynn who is working closely towards activism in the environmental sector and volunteered for several environmental organizations like Kenya Organization for Environmental Education and Kenya Environmental Activist Network. Lynn currently holds the role of chairperson for the Kenya Inter-university Environmental Students Association (KIUESA), where she helps facilitate the projects that unify university environmental students in different parts of the country.

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Lynn also worked with libertarian organizations such as students for Liberty as a Local Coordinator to promote ideas of liberty as a key enhancer of social justice.

We have addressed the following questions in the episode:

  1. How does Kenya face both the extremes; Droughts and Floods?
  2. Do you think that Climate Change is increasing local issues in Kenya, like Malaria?
  3. What do you think about how Kenyaโ€™s poor people are being threatened by Climate Change?
  4. How effective are the climate policies in Kenya actually?
  5. Are citizens demanding climate actions from the Government?
  6. Are common Kenyans welcoming the demand for climate actions on the ground?
  7. Is Elon Musk of Tesla building life on Mars because of Climate Change?
  8. What do you think about the Climate Refugee issue in Kenya?
  9. Can people stop voting for parties that are not considering environmental issues?
  10. As an activist in Kenya, do you get access to political leaders or local representatives to discuss the issues?
  11. Is there any campaign called โ€œSave The Soilโ€ in Kenya?
  12. What are the impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture in Kenya?
  13. What impact COVID-19 has created on Climate Change and Mitigation?
  14. What are the reasons and incentives for Kenyans to support Climate Change?
  15. Do you need to be a Climate Activist to do something about Climate Change?

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