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How Blockchain can help fight Climate Change?

Blockchain is a word that is widely understood as some sought of a digital payment mechanism. Because people tend to relate it with Bitcoin, they limit Blockchain potential to just money transfers. But Blockchain is way bigger than that and represents a technology in itself. Digital Currency usage, or for that matter, Bitcoin is one of the use cases of Blockchain, and climate change can be another use case.

The focus of this blog is to explain the use of the Blockchain for fighting against climate change. It will not help you to learn Blockchain as a subject. If you are reading this, then you probably have heard the buzzword blockchain and are willing to understand its use case alongside Climate Change.

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Blockchain is a system that keeps information safe. It is like programmed storage that encrypts the data and then stores it in a distributed fashion. For example, you want to send unalterable sensitive data to someone with acknowledgment, you can use Blockchain for this.

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