What is Search Engine Optimization? – Clear your concepts reading this.

Best way to defeat your competitors is to make yourself more visible towards your potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art of making your website more visible to searching people and to your potential customers. Keeping relevancy and genuineness of the website, SEO’s optimize the pages off-site and on-site to get the most out of the search engines page results. In simple words what you want from search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing, ask and others, you are getting the same thing.

For example: – If i want to buy a watch, i would likely to be searching for something like these

  • Best company for hand Watch
  • Top 10 companies for Watch
  • Top 5 brands of watch
  • Best rated Watches 2011
  • Top 10 most stylish Watches 2011

Most importantly, if i know the name of any particular Watch Company, i will be easily searching it by typing its name into the search engine textbox. For example:

  • Titan Watch
  • Sonata Watch
  • Reebok Watches, etc.

So we actually having two dimensions, one is “a WAGE search” and another one is “SPECIFIC search”. What we were doing before can be notify as a wage search and the another one with the brand name is specific search. It’s important to understand the influence of both the dimensions to start working for any website optimization. SO WE GO ON ~

When we type best shoes brand approximately every search engine displays first result as REEBOK and 100% Search Engines shows it on 1st page (#1). If now REEBOK is advised to optimize itself on web that will be a waste suggestion because they are already investing a lot from many years for their promotion and branding. Ok, so let’s start from Reebok only to understand what they actually did to get their share of market. Here is a framed example to get an idea about what they might have done.

NOTE: PROMOTION is a method of making your products or services more visible to your potential buyers or subscribers. This method is just to insure the income of the provider.

NOTE: BRANDING is a process of making your identity (which can either be a product, service or business) visible and known. Branding elements can be any symbol, sign, slogan, name, color combination or specifically trademarks, trade logos and trade names.

How Reebok started?

If this is your question, I’ll give you an idea to visualize the steps Reebok had taken to optimize itself. REEBOK came up as a brand name in 1960’s when web was absolutely not a place for marketing. So how they did that? In late 1980s when internet started playing a major role in internet marketing, Reebok started taking web marketing an important place to market for their products.

Reebok started focusing on its web visibility by properly optimizing its website and its weight on World Wide Web. They targeted people who are willing to buy products related to their offerings, sometimes called as “random players of web” because these users place some simple combination of words to get their relevant results. We can term the activity of these types of users as “wage search”

The basic idea is to get introduced to those people who don’t know them or just switch to other vendors because of their more emphasis on web or visibility. However, sometimes the potential users also uses the brand name for searching the company (Specific Search) i.e. simply typing “Reebok” in search engine box to get the result. To target such kind of customers its always be an easy task, because there will be hardly any other company with the same name, or if any I think we people are good enough to judge which one is genuine and which one is fake. So if you type “Reebok” in search engine you will obviously get results related to www.reebok.com only or mostly. So basically it is not actually a hard work to optimize a search engine for a “Specific searching” as you brand-name itself represents you everywhere. But if your brand identity is not that marking than I think SEO for your brand is most important.

So does Reebok had that impact on its mass customers that they directly search for their brand name i.e. “REEBOK”?
No, Reebok also came up with all the same problems and it actually optimized itself for both “Wage searching” and “Specific Searching”. Being “Reebok” as a brand name it took less time for optimization but the other optimizations categorized within wage searching takes months and even years for the proper optimization.

So to optimize it what all things Reebok did?
First they want to know their customers and after knowing them they started thinking like their customers. And sitting for hours they researched about the possible relevant words their customers can type to match their field relevancy. For Example:

  • Best shoes company in the world.
  • List of stylist shoes.
  • Best shoes in cheapest price.
  • Best rubber shoes, etc.

What are the elements they included to optimize them-self for search engines?

  1. They researched on the available search engines like Google, Yahoo and others to understand that what they actually want from the websites to show up them on the top of the pages. In short how they prioritize the websites or pages.
  2. They researched for the keywords their customers may be using to search products related to their relevancy. So that if the website is already optimized for the term they are searching, Search Engines would likely to be indexing the website or the optimized webpage.
  3. They started establishing their websites link to the already prioritized websites to get as much influence as they can to get the visibility. With this they can easily route the search engines to their websites and as much links towards your site as much rank you’ll be holding in search engine ranking.
  4. They reached to those people using discussion centers and knowledge sharing centers who were interested in sharing things related to their products or offerings.

This helped them to get themselves on the top of the rankings of all the search engines as the number of hits you have on your websites it usually shows the number of people like to visit your website and as more and more people like it or visit it search engine will also take interest on your website.

Finally, Reebok is fully optimized and ready to market smoothly on internet & is one of the most e-visible Shoe Company on internet. Lastly, Search Engine Optimization helped them generating millions of profit but they keep on going researching and analyzing the market to safe their existing place on the web.

Now what after this so called Reebok long story?
Now with this complete story you might have got the importance of search engine optimization and if you are reading this article for knowledge than a last say to you that “Best way to defeat your competitors is to make yourself more visible towards the potential buyers or users”.

If you are reading this article to optimize your own website, here are the tips for you. Search engine optimization is not an easy task; it involves lot of time along with the skilled and specialized knowledge. Usually companies do not setup a new department for SEO it just outsource its work to other companies to do the job. It helps them to concentrate on their core work and leaving the pain of other non-core jobs to 3rd parties. Some elaborated benefits are:

  • They save lot of money investing in setting up a complete new department.
  • They save their expenditure which will be done on the new hired and skillful people specialized for the search engine optimization.
  • They get the assuredness that their work will be done properly, as the companies they have outsourced were solely working for the same projects with its complete dedication.
  • Research and Analysis is not an easy task or may be it can prove to be the most painful task which can be experienced by the company people and this will be reduced.

There are thousands of reasons to outsource to a company, but if you are good enough to manage this job, i must say it is very interesting and entertaining work to play with.

NOTE: SEO takes up to 3-6 months at-least to give results, optimizing website of your company may result into waste of time and money if not properly done. So it is always advisable to go for a company doing this job solely (Outsource to a company).

You will find lots of Search Engine Optimization Company here on web and may find some very interesting but be careful of giving your job to others and verify the genuineness of the company before putting a huge amount for a SEO deal because if the work is done in improper manner it can diversely affect your company standard.

Hope the article has given you a brief outline about the Search Engine Optimization.

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