The NEXT VOTE should go to a climate aware government having 10 merits

Greenhouse gasses are trapping heat and making this planet warmer, And the only major source that can significantly help on an immediate basis are Governments. If you donโ€™t elect a right government today, your future generations may loose the reason to live a happy life.

“Carbon” is shorthand for greenhouse gas emissions, which includes CO2, methane, nitrous oxide and other man made gases. And These gases are released by many different types of activities โ€“ not just by burning fossil fuels, like farming, deforestation and even some industrial processes contributes to green house gas emissions. On a larger scale government plays important roles in policy making and sanctions, and tweaking the approach may can change everything.

On policy levels there are certain expectations that we as conscious citizens should have with governments. Please understand why this is so important, Globally, greenhouse gas emissions have grown by 50% from 1990 to date.

Here are the asks:

  1. Climate Change Awareness Programmes
  2. Replanning Transportation
  3. Moving to Renewable Power Grids
  4. Policy Binding for Businesses
  5. Recycling Mandate
  6. Reformation of Agriculture Industry
  7. Carbon Taxation
  8. Regulating Meat and Dairy Production
  9. Supporting Startup and Innovation Centers
  10. Privatisation

We can solve the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced and we can protect our air, water and land for future generations with the help of global leaders and government.

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