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Good hackers are there for you not for themselves.

Hacker is someone having excellence in making

Yesterday i was in serious discussion with one of my friend, like other thousands of people, he was also with the opinion that the term Hacker is just for bad.

Linus Torvalds in 2002

I am in difference with his opinion and with people having similar thoughts. Why this thought comes up, is just because the immature knowledge on the topic. Sorry if i am rude, but let me explain my justification over the subject.

Who is hacker? Hacker could be anyone who is smart, intelligent and having out-of-the-box capabilities to deal with logic. Someone who is highly enthusiast about computer and its technologies. Someone who wants to learn about how stuff works. If this is bad, then the top nosh people sitting on the boards of technology are bad too. With hacking, they are serving you with better world.

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