Complete Profile: Abhilash Shukla – LinkedIn Profile

In the period of 2018-2020, I have bootstrapped businesses generating close to US$3 Million of cash flow. And within this span of 12 years of composite experience in Business Venturing, Project Planning, E-Commerce, SaaS, Big Data, Internet Projects, and Real Estate, I have led many economies to scale up and scale stable.

Always been an enthusiast to develop businesses with an understanding of architecting & developing systems in highly technical environments; and managing project teams of architects, software developers, and every team around it in an agile environment.

I’ve founded and worked in small start-up companies, in global organizations on multi-team programmers, and many organizations in-between. Ambitious to lead and build products using high-class technologies and always work with a willingness to create benchmarks for others. Starting from building core SOPs to big data businesses, I always try and adhere to deploy amazing products for my company and its clients.

From conceptualizing to the complete business life-cycle, my vision is always to translate business problems with efficient solutions. Have built, mentored, and led cross-cultural, functional & geographical teams across continents while ensuring deliveries that have nearly always exceeded expectations.

I see myself as a combination of good leadership and people management skills.

Recently, I have been working at the intersection of technology and real estate using my expertise from the past decade. I have always felt and have been exposed to the challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs and the deteriorating quality of work-life spurred to them and their employees; which empowered me to establish OneCulture as I wanted to bring the change in the work-culture by providing a tranquil work environment that is nourishing for people well-being and adds up to their holistic life.

I always say that I am in the business of making people happy, and I always make sure that I lead the business of making us profitable too. Making a positive impact on the community, I am a creative person and I love defining stories for us to achieve as a company/business.

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